After following the steps in Connecting to a Linux Node from Windows Client Using ssh, PuTTY has been installed and configured. This following explains how to enable X11 forwarding so that it is possible to connect with nodes and use GUI based applications.

Download and Install Tools

Download and install the following additional software:

  • XMing (X11 server on Microsoft Windows, other X11 windows clients are available)

Configure PuTTY

  1. Open PuTTY and display Connection > SSH > Auth.
  1. Display Connection > SSH > X11 and check ‘Enable X11 forwarding’.

  1. It is recommended that the configuration is saved on the ‘Session’ page (otherwise these steps will need to be repeated each time).

Connect to a Linux Instance

  1. Start Xming (ensure that the Ming icon is shown in the system tray).
  1. Start the session from PuTTY.

  1. Confirm the security alert indicating the server has not connected before. Select “Yes” to proceed.
  1. If the warning ~/.Xauthority does not exist is seen, use touch to create the file, then reconnect to the node.

You should now be connected.



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