This section outlines the steps to protect Microsoft SQL Server 2017 in a Linux environment.

Although LifeKeeper doesn’t have a specific Application Recovery Kit for MSSQL, LifeKeeper can still protect MSSQL as a general service. This feature is called Quick Service Protection (QSP) and you can protect MSSQL as well as other services running in a Linux environment.

To protect database resources, the data needs to be replicated across nodes using DataKeeper (unless you use shared storage or a SAN device).

The following table outlines the location of each component.

Master DataBase Files /datakeeper/mssql/data
Master Log File /datakeeper/mssql/xlog

As discussed earlier in How to Create Data Replication of a File System, this guide uses /datakeeper to replicate data between nodes. Therefore, the data on /datakeeper/mssql/data is also replicated between nodes (this is the same for /datakeeper/mssql/xlog as well).

Please note that this guide uses the following computing resources (Microsoft SQL Server resource requires more memory than other resources even for evaluation purposes).

Required Size
Memory 4 GiB

Configure the MSSQL Resource

The following table outlines the general steps to configure a MSSQL Resource. The red ‘stacked disk’ shaped icons indicate a node that has the database instances at the time of each step. The grey ‘stacked disk’ icons indicate a database that is not running.

Also, the grey “storage” icon indicates that the replicated storage /datakeeper is not available for the node.

Install MSSQL 2017 on both nodes

Install MSSQL 2017 on a System

Create Database on Node-A

• Review How to Confirm if the Data Storage is Available on a Node. The data storage should be available on node-a.

Relocate Master Database and Log Files to Replicated Storage on node-a

Create Database on Node-B

Switchover (the data storage) to node-b

Rename Folders Under /datakeeper/MSSQL

Relocate Master Database and Log Files to Replicated Storage on node-b

Complete Configuration using LifeKeeper

Switchover (the data storage) back to node-a

Configure Resources with LifeKeeper

Customize LocalRecovery Parameter on Both Nodes

Update Dependency between Resources



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