• SIOS software supports multiple operating system versions and flavors (both Linux and Windows).
    • Consistent user experience to protect mission-critical resources regardless of the operating system.
  • SIOS delivers high availability solutions for multiple environments including on-premises, virtualized (VMware) and cloud environments including public platforms from AWS, Azure, GCP as well as privately hosted cloud environments. The same tools can be used across different environments.
    • Hybrid environments are also supported. It is possible to configure an on-premise node as the primary location with the secondary node being hosted in a private cloud and a third node located on a public cloud platform providing an additional DR (disaster recovery) option.
  • SIOS provides application-aware protection mechanisms including Application Recovery Kits (ARKs), available for the world’s leading providers of enterprise applications and databases.
    • Our comprehensive library of ARKs protect the broadest range of applications ‘off-the-shelf’.
    • Other ‘non-standard’ or legacy applications can be protected with the built-in ‘GenApp’ ARK or by developing a custom ARK either in-house or in collaboration with SIOS engineers.
  • Unlike open-source tools (which force the user to manually establish environmental parameters in advance and then type a complex set of command-line parameters), a series of wizard based installation and configuration screens enables intuitive selection of resources requiring protection and helps in selecting the type and extent of protection to be provisioned.
    • Wizards scan the system and environment to identify the resources to protect. In most cases the operator only needs to confirm default selections and enter unique environment-specific host IDs etc. to complete the installation.
    • This reduces the likelihood of misconfiguration of the HA solution and the inevitable unexpected downtime as the result of a system or application failure.
  • SIOS provides a comprehensive range of technical support options including 24×7 critical support, offering support options tailored to the available budget, systems complexity or criticality of the application requiring high availability.



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