Set up the environment for installing Oracle Database 12c. For details on the prerequisites for installing Oracle, please refer to the Oracle documentation.

Make the following settings on both cluster nodes.

  1. Create a swap area.

At least 3GB of swap space is required to install Oracle. Configure the swap area using the 10GB of disk (/dev/sdd) assigned to the instance.

  1. Register the RHEL option repository. Add a repository containing the required package “compat-libstdc++-33”.

  1. Install the package.

  1. Edit the kernel parameters.

Note: Symbols and blanks may be changed to different characters due to Word and Exel specifications and an error may occur when you execute the command using copy and paste. Do not add a blank at the end. The command may fail because the variable is recognized as a string instead of a number.

  1. Apply to the kernel.

  1. Create a dedicated user group for Oracle and configure the system environment.

  1. Set the password for the Oracle user.

  1. Verify that /mnt/ORA is protected by DK and mounted on the primary node. (This will only be done on the primary node)

  1. Change directory creation, access rights, and owner. (Perform this only on the primary node)

  1. Add it in /etc/pam.d/login around line 14.

  1. Add it to the last line of /etc/security/limits.conf.

  1. Set up the environment for Oracle. The work is done with the “oracle” user created in the previous step.

Write down the ORACLE_SID you set up here for use in later steps. In this example it is “lkoracle”.

  1. Copy the root xauth settings to the oracle user. (This is done only on the primary node)

  1. Verify that the xauth output for the oracle user is the same as root.

  1. Create a directory for installation. (This is done only on the primary node)

Now you are ready to install.



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