Mount ISO Image for Install

  1. Download the ISO image and license key files to the local environment.
  1. Copy the ISO image to each of the nodes.
  1. Copy the license file to each of the nodes.
  1. Log into each node and mount the installer image.

  1. Check the content of the image.

Install LifeKeeper for Linux

The installer should be located at /media/setup. Execute the setup script to install LifeKeeper for Linux.

  1. The GUI Installer starts as shown below.

  1. Check “Use Quorum / Witness Functions”.

  1. Specify the location of the license file.

  1. Select the Recovery Kits to be installed.

  1. Check “LifeKeeper Startup After Install”, then select “Done”.

  1. Start the Install process.

  1. Install is now completed. Repeat the steps for node-b and node-c.

Additional Environment Specific Tasks to Complete

If AWS is being used, complete the following steps:

If Azure is being used, complete the following step:



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