A VPC network is a Google Cloud resource that represents a local network. Different VPC networks can be defined within the Google Cloud to logically separate different systems.

Refer to the Google Cloud documentation for more information.

In this section we will create a VPC network for testing LifeKeeper (we will name it lk-vpc) as follows:

  1. Select “VPC network” to see the current list of VPC networks. There is a “default” VPC network and its subnets for each region defined. Click “CREATE VPC NETWORK” located at the top.

  1. In the “Create a VPC network” wizard, set the name of the VPC network as lk-vpc, the region to create the VPC network in, the name of the subnet, and the CIDR block

  1. Once you review the values you entered, click “CREATE” at the bottom. Now the new VPC network is created.



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