To remove a resource hierarchy from a single server in the LifeKeeper cluster, do the following:

  1. On the Edit menu, select Resource then Unextend Resource Hierarchy.
  1. Select the Target Server where you want to unextend the DataKeeper resource. It cannot be the server where the DataKeeper resource is currently in service (active).

Note: If you selected the Unextend task by right-clicking from the right pane on an individual resource instance, this dialog box will not appear.

Click Next.

  1. Select the DataKeeper Hierarchy to Unextend and click Next. (This dialog will not appear if you selected the Unextend task by right-clicking on a resource instance in either pane).
  1. An information box appears confirming the target server and the DataKeeper resource hierarchy you have chosen to unextend. Click Unextend.
  1. Another information box appears confirming that the DataKeeper resource was unextended successfully. Click Done to exit the Unextend Resource Hierarchy menu selection.

Note: At this point, data is not being replicated to the backup server.



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