Your LifeKeeper configuration should meet the following requirements prior to the installation of SIOS DataKeeper.

Hardware Requirements

  • Servers – Two or more LifeKeeper for Linux supported servers.
  • IP Network Interface Cards – Each server requires at least one network interface card. Remember, however, that a LifeKeeper cluster requires two communication paths; two separate LAN-based communication paths using dual independent sub-nets are recommended, and at least one of these should be configured as a private network. However using a combination of TCP and TTY is also supported.
  • Disks or Partitions – Disks or partitions on the primary and backup servers that will act as the source and target disks or partitions. The target disks or partitions must be at least as large as the source disk or partition.

Software Requirements

  • Operating SystemSIOS DataKeeper can be used with any major Linux distribution based on the 2.6 Linux kernel. See the SPS for Linux Release Notes for a list of supported distributions. Asynchronous mirroring and intent logs are supported only on distributions that use a 2.6.16 or later Linux kernel. Multiple target support (i.e., support for more than 1 mirror target) requires a 2.6.7 or later Linux kernel.
  • LifeKeeper Installation Script – In most cases, you will need to install the following package (see the “Product Requirements” section in the SPS for Linux Release Notes for specific SIOS DataKeeper requirements):


This package must be installed on each server in your LifeKeeper cluster prior to the installation of SIOS DataKeeper. The HADR package is located on the SPS Installation Image File, and the appropriate package is automatically installed by the Installation setup script.

  • LifeKeeper Software – You must install the same version of the LifeKeeper Core on each of your servers. You must also install the same version of each recovery kit that you plan to use on each server. See the SPS for Linux Release Notes for specific SPS requirements.
  • SIOS DataKeeper software – Each server in your SPS cluster requires SIOS DataKeeper software. Please see the SPS for Linux Installation Guide for specific instructions on the installation and removal of SIOS DataKeeper.



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