This section shows a method to check the systems by using the Typical LifeKeeper Postfix Environment 1 as an example before you start to create resources in LifeKeeper.

Postfix Configuration Validation Steps

  1. Postfix Configuration

The Postfix configuration files are on both servers.

  1. Bring up virtual IP address for SMTP

You must bring up virtual IP address for SMTP. You can configure it by using the “ifconfig” command or creating a LifeKeeper IP resource.

  1. Mount the shared filesystem for queue area

  1. Mount the shared filesystem for spool area

  1. Start Postfix

  1. Verify processes and socket for Postfix

  1. Stop Postfix

If you cannot start or stop Postfix in steps 5-7, please check the Postfix error messages. Once there are no error messages in the log file, the configuration is correct. Next, repeat steps 1-7 on all systems in the cluster and confirm that the configuration is correct.



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