The SIOS Protection Suite (SPS) for Linux Software RAID (md) Recovery Kit provides software RAID support for other LifeKeeper recovery kits. Thus, LifeKeeper-protected applications can take advantage of the benefits offered by software RAID, including lower cost data redundancy, data replication over a SAN and simplified storage management.

The Software RAID Recovery Kit is different from most other LifeKeeper recovery kits in that it is never used alone, but always as a dependency of another LifeKeeper resource. As such, many of the operations typically associated with a LifeKeeper recovery kit – for example, creating a hierarchy – are not directly applicable to the Software RAID Recovery Kit.

Document Contents

This guide explains the following topics:

  • Documentation and References. Provides a list of related LifeKeeper for Linux documents and where to find them, along with references to a number of helpful documents about the Linux Software RAID product.
  • Requirements. Describes the hardware and software necessary to properly set up, install and operate the Software RAID Recovery Kit. Refer to the SPS for Linux Installation Guide for specific instructions on how to install or remove LifeKeeper for Linux software.
  • Overview. Provides a general description of the Software RAID Recovery Kit and corresponding resource types.
  • Troubleshooting. Provides a list of informational and error messages with recommended solutions.



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