The table below lists and explains names and meanings of the DataKeeper parameters. These values are tuned by editing the /etc/default/LifeKeeper configuration file.

Parameter Name
Setting Value
Default Value
When to Apply
LKDR_CHUNK_SIZE Sets the chunk size of bitmap in kilobits. Integers 256 Creating a resource
LKDR_SPEED_LIMIT Specifies the maximum bandwidth that a resync will ever take – this should be set high enough to allow resyncs to go at the maximum speed possible. Integers 50000 Rebooting a resource
LKDR_SPEED_LIMIT_MIN Specifies how fast the resync should be allowed to go when there is other I/O going on at the same time. As a rule of thumb, this should be set to half or less of the drive’s maximum write throughput in order to avoid starving out normal I/O activity when a resync occurs. Integers 20000 Rebooting a resource
LKDR_ASYNC_LIMIT Specifies the value of write queues to target device for an async mirror. If a value is 1, it will be set to the default. Integers 256 Creating a resource
LKDR_NO_FULL_SYNC Suppresses a force full resync of newly added targets.

0: not suppress

1: suppress

As required For detailed information, refer to “Avoiding Full Resynchronizations”.
LKDR_WAIT_FOR_PREVIOUS_SOURCE_TIMEOUT Specifies how long to wait for the previous source to join the cluster so that its bitmap can be merged. A full resync is required if replication is resumed to a target before the previous source’s bitmap is merged. This setting applies to all netraid devices; individual devices can NOT be configured with a different value.

0: do not wait

-1: wait indefinitely for the previous source to rejoin the cluster

> 0 number of seconds to wait

As required How SIOS DataKeeper Works



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