The QSP Recovery Kit provides a simplified method to protect the OS service. With the QSP Recovery Kit users can easily create a LifeKeeper resource instance to protect an OS service provided that service can be started and stopped by the OS service command. The service can also be protected via the Generic Application Recovery Kit, but the use of that kit requires code development whereas the QSP Recovery Kit does not. Also, by creating a dependency relationship, protected services can be started and stopped in conjunction with the application that requires the service. The application is protected by another LifeKeeper resource instance not via the QSP resource.

However, the QSP Recovery Kit quickCheck can only perform simple health (using the “status” action of the service command). QSP doesn’t guarantee that the service is provided or the process is functioning. If complicated starting and/or stopping is necessary, or more robust health checking operations are necessary, using a Generic Application is recommended.

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