SAP DB / MaxDB (SAP DB) is a SQL-based, industrial-strength database system that can be deployed for a wide array of purposes. It is highly scalable, platform-independent and provides full transaction support. The database system was originally owned by SAP but has since been released to the Open Source community.

The SAP DB / MaxDB Recovery Kit provides fault resilient protection for SAP DB databases in an SPS for Linux environment.

Document Contents

This guide includes the following topics to help you successfully define and manage your SAP DB hierarchy:

  • Overview. Describes the SAP DB / Max DB Recovery Kit’s features and functionality.
  • Resource Configuration Tasks. Describes the various functions you may perform on your hierarchies using the LifeKeeper GUI: create, extend, delete and unextend.
  • Troubleshooting. Lists and describes the error messages associated with the SAP DB / Max DB Recovery Kit.
  • Appendix. Provides requirements and instructions for setting up raw devices for use with the SAP DB / Max DB Recovery Kit.

SIOS Protection Suite Documentation

The following SPS product documentation is available from the SIOS Technology Corp. website:

SPS for Linux Release Notes

SPS for Linux Technical Documentation

SPS for Linux Installation Guide

Optional Recovery Kit Documentation

This documentation, along with documentation associated with optional LifeKeeper Recovery Kits, is provided on the SIOS Technology Corp. website at:

and from the Help menu in the LifeKeeper GUI.

SAP DB Documentation

You can find the SAP DB/MaxDB documentation, including the Installation Guide, User Manual and Reference Manual, at the following locations on the web:



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