The SIOS Protection Suite for Linux PostgreSQL Recovery Kit is an SQL compliant, object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) based on POSTGRES. Since its inception, PostgreSQL has become one of the most advanced open source relational database management systems.

The SPS for Linux PostgreSQL Recovery Kit provides a mechanism for protecting PostgreSQL instances within LifeKeeper. The PostgreSQL software, LifeKeeper Core and PostgreSQL Recovery Kit are installed on two or more servers in a cluster. Once the PostgreSQL database instance is under LifeKeeper protection, clients connect to the database using a LifeKeeper protected IP address. The LifeKeeper protected IP address must be created separately and a dependency made manually between the parent PostgreSQL resource instance and the child IP address resource. In the event that the PostgreSQL server fails, LifeKeeper will first attempt to recover it on the local server. If the local recovery fails, then LifeKeeper will fail over to a backup server.

PostgreSQL Resource Hierarchy

SIOS Protection Suite Documentation

The following SIOS Protection Suite product documentation is available from the SIOS Technology Corp. website:

PostgreSQL Documentation

You can find the PostgreSQL documentation, including the Administration Guide, User Guide and Reference Guide at the following location on the web:



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