Hardware Requirements

  • Servers: Servers should be configured in accordance with the requirements described in the SAP HANA Master Guide, notes mentioned in this guide, SPS for Linux Documentation and the SPS for Linux Release Notes
  • Storage: For SAP HANA databases in Replication mode, no shared storage is necessary. Special storage requirements may are given in the SAP HANA Master Guide and mentioned SAP notes.

Software Requirements

  • SPS Software: It is imperative that you install the same version of SPS software and apply the same versions of the SPS software patches to each server in your cluster
  • SPS SAP HANA Recovery Kit: The SAP HANA recovery Kit is made available for downloading via customer request and must be installed and configured in accordance with the instructions listed below.
  • SAP HANA Software: SAP HANA Platform Edition 2.0 SPS01 or later is recommended for use the SAP HANA Recovery Kit. The SAP HANA system replication must be enabled and configured.



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