This toolbar is a combination of the default server and resource context toolbars which are displayed on the properties panel except that you must select a server and possibly a resource when you invoke actions from this toolbar.

Connect. Connect to a LifeKeeper cluster.
Disconnect. Disconnect from a LifeKeeper cluster.
Refresh. Refresh GUI.
View Logs. View LifeKeeper log messages on connected servers.
Create Resource Hierarchy. Create a resource hierarchy.
Delete Resource Hierarchy. Remove a resource hierarchy from all servers in the LifeKeeper cluster.
Create Comm Path. Create a communication path between servers.
Delete Comm Path. Remove communication paths from a server.
In Service. Bring a resource hierarchy into service.
Out of Service. Take a resource hierarchy out of service.
Extend Resource Hierarchy. Copy a resource hierarchy to another server for failover support.
Unextend Resource Hierarchy. Remove an extended resource hierarchy from a single server.
Create Dependency. Create a parent/child relationship between two resources.
Delete Dependency. Remove a parent/child relationship between two resources.
Migrate Hierarchy to Multi-Site Cluster. Migrate an existing hierarchy to a Multi-Site Cluster Environment.



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