Perform the following on your primary server:

  1. Select Edit > Server > Create Resource Hierarchy

The Create Resource Wizard dialog will appear.

  1. Select the Data Replication option from the drop down list and click Next to continue.
  1. You will be prompted for the following information. When the Back button is active in any of the dialog boxes, you can go back to the previous dialog box. This is helpful should you encounter any error requiring you to correct the previously entered information. You may click Cancel at any time to cancel the entire creation process.
Switchback Type

You must select intelligent switchback. This means that after a failover to the backup server, an administrator must manually switch the Multi-Site Cluster resource back to the primary server.

CAUTION: This release of SIOS DataKeeper does not support Automatic Switchback for DataKeeper resources. Additionally, the Automatic Switchback restriction is applicable for any other LifeKeeper resource that becomes part of the Multi-Site Cluster hierarchy. This includes anything sitting above the hierarchy or becomes a child within the hierarchy.

Server Select the name of the server where the NetRAID device will be created (typically this is your primary server). All servers in your cluster are included in the drop down list box.
Hierarchy Type Choose the data replication type you wish to create by selecting one of the following:

  • • Replicate New File System

  • • Replicate Existing File System

  • • DataKeeper Resource

The next sequence of dialog boxes depends on which Hierarchy Type you have chosen. While some of the dialog boxes may be the same for each Hierarchy Type, their sequence and the required information may be slightly different. The following three topics will take you through the remainder of the Hierarchy creation process:



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