SPS LVM hierarchies are created automatically during the hierarchy creation process for resources that sit on top of logical volumes. The creation and extension of hierarchies containing the LVM resource types will always be driven by the create and extend processes of a higher-level resource type, likewise the delete and unextend.

The figure below is a LifeKeeper GUI screen shot showing a complete hierarchy containing LVM resources. Note that the resources in the hierarchy are displayed by their SPS IDs for clarity rather than the default display by tags.

Figure 2: SPS Hierarchy Containing LVM Resources

The hierarchy pictured in Figure 2 is a file system hierarchy created by selecting the File System Recovery Kit under the Edit > Server > Create Resource Hierarchy menu selection. It consists of a file system resource, /lv1.1fs, mounted on an LVM logical volume, /dev/vg1/lv1.1. That logical volume is a part of the vg1 volume group represented with the SPS ID lvmvg-vg1. The volume group vg1 is composed of two physical disk partitions,/dev/sdc1 and /dev/sdd1. The hierarchy also includes the underlying disk devices, /dev/sdc and /dev/sdd, below each of the disk partitions.



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