LifeKeeper monitors the health of the Primary Application Server (PAS) Instance and initiates a recovery operation if it determines that SAP is not functioning correctly.

The status will be returned to the user, via the GUI Properties Panel and CLI, as Gray (unknown/inactive/offline), Red (failed), Yellow (issue) or Green (healthy).

If the status of the instance is Gray, state is unknown; no information is available.

If the status of the instance is Red, the resource will be considered in a failed state and LifeKeeper will initiate the appropriate recovery handling operations.

If the status of the instance is Yellow, it indicates that there may be an issue with the SAP processes for the defined Instance. The default behavior for a yellow status is to continue monitoring without initiating recovery.

This default behavior can be changed by configuring this option via the GUI resource menu.

  1. Right-click the Instance.
  1. Select Handle Warnings.

  1. The following screen will appear, prompting you to select whether to Fail on Warnings.

Selecting Yes will cause a Yellow Warning to be treated as an error and will initiate recovery.



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