Following are some possible problems and solutions related to SNMP Event Forwarding. For specific error messages, see the LifeKeeper Message Catalog.

Problem: No SNMP trap messages are sent from LifeKeeper.

Solution: Verify that the snmptrap utility is installed on the system (it is usually located in /usr/bin). If it is not installed, install the appropriate snmp package (see Prerequisites). If it is installed in someother location, edit the PATH variable in the file /etc/default/LifeKeeper and add the appropriate path.

Problem: No SNMP error messages are logged and SNMP trap messages do not appear to be sent from a LifeKeeper server.

Solution: Check to see if LK_TRAP_MGR is set to the IP address of the network management server that will receive the traps. From the command line, use the lk_configsnmp utility with the “query” option to verify the setting (See the lk_configsnmp(1M) man page for an example.) Or, search for the entry for LK_TRAP_MGR in the file /etc/default/LifeKeeper. This variable must be set on each LifeKeeper node that will generate SNMP trap messages.



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