The LifeKeeper GUI is included in the steeleye-lkGUI software package which is bundled with the LifeKeeper Core Package Cluster. The steeleye-lkGUI package:

    • Installs the LifeKeeper GUI Client in Java archive format.
    • Installs the LifeKeeper GUI Server.
    • Installs the LifeKeeper administration web server.

Note: The LifeKeeper administration web server is configured to use Port 81, which should be different from any public web server.

    • Installs a Java policy file in /opt/LifeKeeper/htdoc/ which contains the minimum permissions required to run the LifeKeeper GUI. The LifeKeeper GUI application uses the java.policy file in this location for access control.
    • Prepares LifeKeeper for GUI administration.

Before continuing, you should ensure that the LifeKeeper GUI package has been installed on the LifeKeeper server(s). You can enter the command rpm -qi steeleye-lkGUI to verify that this package is installed. You should see output including the package name steeleye-lkGUI if the GUI package is installed.



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