Install the SPS software on each server in the SPS configuration.

Packages that LifeKeeper is dependent on are installed automatically because the LifeKeeper installation setup script uses package manager tools (yum or zypper) to ensure installation of all dependent packages.

The SPS for Linux image file (sps.img) provides a set of installation scripts designed to perform the user interactive system setup tasks that are necessary when installing SPS on your system (see Interactive Mode for more information). A non-user interactive install can be performed as well (see Non-interactive Mode for more information).

The SPS installation process is broken down into 3 steps:

  • Collection
  • Selection (user interactive only)
  • Installation and Configuration

The first step of the process is the Collection phase and is responsible for collecting information about the system, such as the Linux distribution being used, to ensure the system meets the requirements for a successful install. Step 2 of the process is the Selection phase and is responsible for interacting with the user via a menu based selection process to determine what SPS packages to install and the configurations required to support those selections. The third and final step is the Installation and Configuration phase. This step is responsible for installing the SPS Core Package Cluster and Optional Recovery Software, and configuring the system for SPS. This step also installs any required OS supporting packages that are not already on the system.

A licensing utilities package is also installed providing utilities for obtaining and displaying the Host ID or Entitlement ID of your server. Host IDs and/or Entitlement IDs are used to obtain valid licenses for running SPS.

Refer to the SPS for Linux Release Notes for additional information.

Installing the SPS Software

SPS will be installed through the command line regardless of the Linux distribution you are operating under.

Please refer to How to Use Setup Scripts for the installation activities.

For upgrade installations, see Upgrading SPS.



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