• If the IP address used by the SMTP service is specified, the IP address should be a virtual IP address that is protected by Lifekeeper.
  • main.cf

The Postfix Recovery Kit refers to the value of the following parameters:

  • º mail_owner
  • º setgid_group
  • º daemon_directory
  • º command_directory
  • º process_id_directory
  • º inet_interfaces

Specify the virtual IP addresses to be monitored. One or more may be specified. Use “all” to specify all IP addresses.

  • º queue_directory
  • º mail_spool_directory
  • master.cf

You must specify the following:

  • º A smtp(s) service entry to start smtpd.
  • The directory specified for the queue_directory value must be on shared storage. This is necessary so that the file system of this directory can be LifeKeeper protected.
  • If the system has a mailbox spool, the directory specified for the mail_spool_directory value has to be on shared storage.
  • Owner id of postfix has to be the same id on all cluster servers.
  • Group id of postdrop (setgid_group) has to be the same id on all cluster servers.
  • Auto startup at the time of the system activation must be disabled because Postfix service is controlled by LifeKeeper.



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