An IP resource is required for creating the Route53 resource and can be either the virtual IP resource or the actual IP resource (resource for the primary IP address that is configured for NIC).

When Using the Virtual IP Resource

When using the virtual IP resource for a child resource of the Route53 resource, you need to reconfigure the route table so that the communication with the virtual IP address to the backup server is enabled when switching over the resource. Please use the Recovery Kit for EC2 along with the Route53™ Recovery Kit. For details, please refer to the Recovery Kit for EC2™ document

When Using the Actual IP Resource

No additional information needs to be configured when using the actual IP resource for a child resource for the Route53 resource. However, because the destination IP address will be changed every time the switch over occurs, please note that the connection should be established with the host name that is protected by the Route53 resource.



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