The steps below are the same as installing ASCS + ERS with NFS on separate instances with one exception:

  • The NFS is running on the same instance as ASCS+ERS and an additional custom script is to be used as a generic application resource in Lifekeeper to mount the NFS shared mount point after a switchover or failover. It contains the profile files that are needed for SAP to start correctly on the current active node.

This is generally not a recommended configuration due to the complications of NFS not mounting automatically on the node after NFS server switches over to the other server. SIOS provides a custom genapp script to be used “as-is” and not as an official supported resource kit to help customers overcome this issue.

General Setup Steps – Same Instances

Installing SAP

Setting up NFS

Creating an NFS Resource Hierarchy

Creating the NFSmounter Generic Application Resource Hierarchy

Creating the SAP Resource Hierarchy

Create the ERS Resource



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