Failed delete or unextend of a SAP hierarchy

Deleting or unextending a SAP hierarchy that contains the same IP resource in multiple locations within the hierarchy can sometimes cause a core dump that results in resources not being deleted.

To correct the problem, after the failed unextend or delete operation, manually remove any remaining resources using the LifeKeeper GUI. You may also want to remove the core file from the server.

Handle Warnings gives a syntax error at -e line 1

When changing the default behavior of No in Handle Warnings to Yes, an error is received.

Solution: Leave this option at the default setting of No. Note: It is highly recommended that this setting be left on the default selection of No as Yellow is a transient state that most often does not indicate a failure.

Choosing same setting causes missing button on Update Wizard

If user attempts to update the Handle Warning without changing the current setting, the next screen, which indicates that they must go back, is missing the Done button.

When changes are made to res_state, monitoring is disabled

If Protection Level is set to BASIC and SAP is taken down manually (i.e. for maintenance), it will be marked as FAILED and monitoring will stop.

Solution: In order for monitoring to resume, LifeKeeper will need to start up the resource instead of starting it up manually.

ERS in-service fails on remote host if ERS is not parent of Core/CI

Creating an ERS resource without any additional SAP resource dependents will cause initial in-service to fail on switchover.

Solution: Create ERS as parent of CI/Core instance (SCS or ASCS), then retry in-service.



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