Environment Preparation

  1. LifeKeeper HA cluster configuration.

Setup the LifeKeeper HA cluster to be used to generate the LifeKeeper Chef cookbook. This includes LifeKeeper installation (core and recovery kits), creation of communication paths, and creation of the resource hierarchies. Check basic operations such as switchover and/or failover. LifeKeeper v9.0.0 and later are the only versions supported.

  1. Prepare the Chef Server and/or the Chef Work station systems. See the Chef official documentation for configuring the Chef Server and the Chef Work station.
  1. Place the Chef support file(recipe file) for LifeKeeper on the Chef workstation

Mount the LifeKeeper installation image file on the Chef workstation and copy the attribute conversion script. See below for the detailed procedure.

a. Mount the LifeKeeper installation image file “sps.img” on /mnt.


# mount sps.img -t iso9660 -o loop /mnt

b. Check for Chef support directory.


$ ls /mnt/Chef/

attribute exp2chef.pl nodes recipe TRANS.TBL

c. Copy the LifeKeeper Chef conversion script to the appropriate directory.

Example: Create and copy to the Chef Directory under ~/.

$ mkdir ~/Chef

$ cp /mnt/Chef/exp2chef.pl ~/Chef

d. Set up an execution environment for the exp2chef.pl script.

To run the exp2chef.pl script, Perl5 and XML::Simple are required on the Chef workstation. Acquire and install them from the OS distribution image or CPAN.

For example on CentOS 6:

# yum install perl-XML-Simple



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