Starting in v9.2, LifeKeeper supports a connection from an on-premises environment using AWS Direct Connect to HA cluster nodes in Amazon VPC. Connection from other VPC through VPC peer connection is also supported. This allows you to use services protected by LifeKeeper in your VPC from your on-premises environment or another VPC.

This document descries the requirements and basic operations for building connections from outside VPC with LifeKeeper for Linux.

You can also build HA clusters in the AWS environment using the existing Recovery Kit for EC2; however, you cannot connect from your on-premises environment with AWS Direct Connect due to the problems described below.

Recovery Kit for EC2 provides two functions: Route Tables Scenario and Elastic IP Scenario.

  • Route Tables Scenario manages VPC route tables are configured to be routed to an active IP resources. An address of IP resource should be outside CIDR block which is managed within the VPC. However, the address should be the one within the VPC CIDR block in order to connect from the on-premises environment via AWS Direct Connect. With this route table scenario, you cannot connect to the VPC from the on-premises environment.
  • Elastic IP Scenario can be used where the access from the Internet is available since the elastic IP address is a public address. An access from the on-premises environment is enabled through the Internet. In this case, you can access to HA cluster nodes on VPC without AWS Direct Connect.

The Recovery kit for EC2 does not support access to VPC from on-premises environments using AWS Direct Connect. If you need to access to HA cluster nodes on the VPC via AWS Direct Connect, please use the configuration provided in this document.

This document does not cover the basic settings, operations, and technical details of LifeKeeper and Amazon Web Service (AWS). For terms, operations and technical information related to LifeKeeper and AWS, that are the prerequisites of this configuration, review the related documents and user websites.



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