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Code Severity Message Cause Action
18100 DEBUG qwk_global_lock: file=%s, line=%d
18101 DEBUG qwk_global_unlock: file=%s, line=%d
18102 ERROR Periodic storage quorum check has not been done for %lld ms, which exceeds 2*QWK_STORAGE_HBEATTIME (%lld) ms.
18104 ERROR usage: %s
18105 INFO starting %s
18106 ERROR qwk_config() failed.
18107 ERROR thread_initialize() failed.
18108 ERROR state_monitor_initialize() failed.
18109 ERROR state_monitor() failed.
18110 ERROR start_server() failed.
18111 INFO shutdown %s
18112 ERROR ‘fopen’ for %s failed: %d
18113 ERROR ‘qwk_object_path=’ line cannot be found for %s.
18114 ERROR ‘%s’ is unknown config.
18115 ERROR configuration of hbeattime ‘%d’ is incorrect.
18116 ERROR configuration of numhbeats ‘%d’ is incorrect.
18117 ERROR configuration of timeout_multiplier ‘%d’ is incorrect.
18118 ERROR configuration of lcmhbeattime ‘%d’ is incorrect.
18119 ERROR configuration of lcmnumhbeats ‘%d’ is incorrect.
18120 ERROR configuration of qwk_object_type is incorrect.
18121 ERROR configuration of my_node is incorrect.
18122 ERROR configuration of number_of_node ‘%d’ is incorrect.
18123 ERROR configuration of number_of_object ‘%d’ is incorrect.
18124 ERROR configuration of object node is incorrect.
18125 ERROR configuration of object path is incorrect.
18126 ERROR my_node is not include in qwk_objects.
18127 ERROR ‘CreateFile’ for %s failed: %d
18128 ERROR ‘ReadFile’ for %s failed: %d
18129 ERROR ‘popen’ for %s failed: %d
18130 ERROR ‘CreateFile’ for %s failed: %d
18131 ERROR ‘WriteFile’ for %s failed: %d
18132 ERROR ‘popen’ for %s failed: %d
18133 ERROR (bug) buffer overflow
18134 ERROR (bug) data is corrupted
18135 ERROR ‘signature=’ line cannot be found.
18136 ERROR signature ‘%s’ does not match.
18137 ERROR ‘local_node=’ line cannot be found.
18138 ERROR local_node ‘%s’ does not match.
18139 ERROR ‘time=’ line cannot be found.
18140 ERROR ‘sequence=’ line cannot be found.
18141 ERROR sequence ‘%s’ scan failed.
18142 WARN ‘node=’ line cannot be found. index=%d
18143 ERROR ‘commstat=’ line cannot be found. index=%d
18144 ERROR ‘checksum=’ line cannot be found.
18145 ERROR checksum ‘%s’ scan failed.
18146 ERROR checksum does not match.
18147 INFO valid qwk object was found. sequence=%llu
18148 INFO invalid qwk object was found. initializing to sequence 0.
18149 ERROR qwk object was not found.
18150 DEBUG write sequence %llu
18151 ERROR failed to read qwk object.
18152 ERROR failed to decode node_info.
18153 DEBUG read sequence %llu
18154 WARN sequence backed down from %llu to %llu.
18155 ERROR ‘malloc’ for %zu failed: %d
18156 ERROR thread_create() failed. index=%d
18157 INFO lcd sys state: %s (It looks the same from its own node and from the target node.)
18158 INFO lcd sys state of target node seen from own node: %s
18159 INFO lcd sys state of own node seen from target node: %s
18160 DEBUG remote node is DOWN. quiet_period=%lld
18161 INFO timeout (status=CR4)
18162 INFO quorum failed (status=CR3)
18163 INFO remote node up (status=CR1)
18164 INFO remote node down (status=CR2)
18165 DEBUG Quorum check in progress: %d / %d
18166 INFO quorum_verify(%s, %s): %s
18167 DEBUG target_node ‘%s’ is unknown.
18168 INFO witness_verify(%s, %s): %s
18169 INFO terminate()
18170 ERROR (bug) data is corrupted
18171 ERROR format error in request.
18172 ERROR format error in quorum_verify request. lkevent cannot be found.
18173 ERROR format error in witness_verify request. lkevent cannot be found.
18174 ERROR format error in witness_verify request. target_node cannot be found.
18175 ERROR ‘%s’ is unknown command.
18176 DEBUG process_each_request_thread
18177 ERROR qwk_receive() did not receive full header. Close connection.
18178 ERROR Request is too long. Close connection.
18179 ERROR qwk_receive() did not receive full request. Close connection.
18180 ERROR do_request() failed.
18181 ERROR qwk_send() did not send full header. Close connection.
18182 ERROR qwk_send() did not send full response. Close connection.
18183 DEBUG process_each_request_thread() exit.
18184 ERROR ConnectNamedPipe() failed. – error 0x%x
18185 ERROR thread_create() failed.
18186 ERROR CreateNamedPipe() failed. – error 0x%x
18189 ERROR create_named_pipe() failed.
18190 ERROR thread_create() failed.
18193 ERROR ‘CreateThread’ failed. – error 0x%x
18194 ERROR requst is too long. header.size=%zu
18195 ERROR qwk_send() failed for header.
18196 ERROR qwk_send() failed for request.
18197 ERROR qwk_send() failed for termination.
18198 ERROR qwk_receive() did not receive full header.
18199 ERROR Response buffer is not enough large. Server sent %zu bytes.
18200 ERROR qwk_receive() did not receive full response.
18201 ERROR ‘%s’ is unknown command.
18202 ERROR Usage: %s …
18203 ERROR Cannot create named pipe. – error 0x%x
18205 ERROR request_send() failed.
18206 ERROR request_receive() failed.
18207 ERROR ‘%s’ is unknown lkevent.
18208 ERROR ‘%s’ is unknown qwktype.
18209 ERROR ‘%s’ is unknown node state.
18210 ERROR ‘%s’ is unknown quorum state.
18211 INFO qwk object was restored.
18212 INFO quorum state changed to %s.
18213 INFO quorum state changed to %s.
18215 ERROR %s is empty
18216 ERROR qwk_storage_s3get for %s failed: %d (%s)
18217 ERROR qwk_storage_s3put for %s failed: %d (%s)
18218 WARN The first cycle did not complete before timeout (%lld ms). completed_num=%d
18219 ERROR Cannot find the configuration for node ‘%s’ in the configuration file. If the configuration of the cluster is changed after the initialization, it needs to be initialized again. Please see the SIOS product documentation for information on how to reinitialize using qwk_storage_init command.


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