This document describes how to create and attach a shared disk to a new virtual machine (VM). If you’re using an existing VM, go to Step 3 “Create and attach a new disk” then add it to an existing VM by following Step 4. Instead of adding a new VM you will simply edit an existing VM. The SIOS “SCSI-3 Persistent Reservations (SCSI3)” Recovery Kit is required (Step 7). This can be added by updating an existing installation if required.

  1. Create Storage Account
    1. Create new resource group

  1. Create VM in Resource group: ShareStorageSLES

  1. Create a new disk that is shared by selecting: Create and attach a new disk

Select Enable shared disk and specify max shares (this will be a 2 node cluster, only 2 max shares are needed)

  1. Create second VM in the same resource group in the same zone. Instead of selecting “Create and attach a new disk”, select Attach an existing disk

Select the disk created in step 3

  1. Login to the primary node using SSH, the disk will then be partitioned and formatted

  1. Download/transfer LifeKeeper and the temporary license keys

  1. Install LifeKeeper
    1. Notice the SCSI3 Recovery Kit is automatically selected

  1. Setup communication paths

  1. Partition shared disk on test-cluster-sles15-1

a. Cause test-cluster-sles15-2 to update partition table

  1. Create file system on partition

  1. Create file system resource

  1. Extend to second node

  1. Done


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