Sybase ASE Error During Resource Creation

Symptom: Unable to create the resource instance during the resource creation
Cause: If the instance is running, it could be because the profile is not located in the default $Sybase directory
Solution: In /etc/default/LifeKeeper set the tunable SYBASE_PROFILE to the location of the correct profile
For example: Add to /etc/default/LifeKeeper


Symptom: LifeKeeper Sybase Resource fails to come in-service but the database instance is started.
Cause: The instance took longer than the default start up time to complete its startup and recovery process.
Solution: Increase the start wait tunable via the /etc/default/LifeKeeper file
For example: Add to /etc/default/LifeKeeper


Sybase ASE Recovery Kit Error Messages

Lists and describes the error messages associated with the Sybase ASE Recovery Kit.

114000 Usage: %s
114001 The Sybase Install Directory cannot be empty.

ACTION: Please specify a value for this field.

114002 The path %s is not a valid directory
114003 The Sybase Product was not found in the directory %s on server %s.

ACTION: Verify that a supported version of Sybase is installed in the specified location.

114004 The specified instance %s is not a valid Sybase ASE Server on %s.
114005 Unable to verify that the Sybase ASE Server %s is running.
114006 The Sybase Monitor Server %s will be protected.
114007 The Sybase Backup Server %s will be protected.
114008 The Sybase ASE Server %s is already under LifeKeeper protection on %s.
114009 An unknown error has occurred in utility %s on server %s.

ACTION: View the LifeKeeper logs for details and retry the operation.

114010 Unable to get the version for the Sybase Server %s installed under %s on %s.
114011 The device %s for Sybase ASE Server %s is not a valid device.
114012 An error has occurred while trying to obtain the devices for Sybase ASE Server %s.
114013 Unable to create raw resource hierarchy for %s.
114014 Unable to create file system resource hierarchy for %s.
114015 The path %s is not on a shared file system.
114016 Unable to create resource dependency for parent %s and child %s.
114017 Information: LifeKeeper will not protect the path %s because it is not located on a shared file system.
114018 Unable to get the owner for the Sybase ASE Server%s installed under%s on %s.
114019 Unable to open file%s on server%s due to error %s.
114020 There are no hosts defined for the Sybase ASE Server %s in the file%s.
114021 There are no ports defined for the Sybase ASE Server %s in the file %s.
114022 The specified host name %s defined for the Sybase ASE Server %s in the file %s cannot be resolved.
114023 Unable to detect the host and ports for the Sybase ASE Server %s.
114024 A LifeKeeper resource hierarchy does not exist for the IP address %s on server %s.

ACTION: Create a LifeKeeper resource hierarchy for the specified IP address

114025 The values specified for the target and the template servers are the same.

ACTION: Please specify the correct values for the target and template servers.

114026 The system user %s does not exist on the server %s.
114027 The group id for user %s is not the same on template server %s and target server %s.
114028 The user id for user %s is not the same on template server %s and target server %s.
114029 There are no IP dependent resources defined for the Sybase resource %s on %s.

ACTION: Create the required dependent IP resource hierarchy.

114030 The interfaces defined for Sybase ASE Server %s differ on template server %s and target server %s
114031 The ports defined for Sybase ASE Server %s differ on template server %s and target server %s
114032 The port %s used by the Sybase resource hierarchy %s on the server %s is in use by another application on server%s.
114033 The startup of the Sybase ASE Server(s) on %s failed for the following Sybase ASE Server(s): %s.
114034 Unable to stop the Sybase ASE Server(s) %s on %s.
114035 The Sybase ASE resource hierarchy %s does not contain any valid gen/filesys or scsi/raw resource dependents on server %s.

ACTION: The hierarchy does not contain any valid dependents, you must delete and recreate the hierarchy.

114036 There are no Sybase ASE Servers available for protection with LifeKeeper.
114037 Unable to obtain the pid of the backupserver process corresponding to instance %s.
114038 The pid detected for Sybase Backup Server %s in the LifeKeeper pidfile %s.LK on server %s exists in another LifeKeeper pidfile on this server.

ACTION: The duplicate pid entry in the pid files should be resolved. The pid file for the instance that is not running should be removed.

114039 Unable to update the resource instance %s on server %s.
114040 The update of the resource instance %s failed on server %s. All attempts to rollback the instance information field have failed.

ACTION: Manual intervention is required.

114041 The interfaces file %s on %s contains an invalid comment line.

ACTION: Please correct the interfaces file to remove any comment lines.

114042 One or more of the Sybase ASE Servers is missing from the file %s.
114043 The file %s does not exist on server %s.
114044 The reconfiguration of the Sybase ASE resource hierarchy %s on server %s was successful
114045 The update of the resource instance %s failed on server %s. The instance information field has not been modified.

ACTION: Retry the reconfiguration operation

114046 The home directory for user %s is not the same on template server %s and target server %s
114047 The file %s on server %s is a link that does not resolve to a dependent shared resource on the template server %s.
114048 The link %s and its resolved path %s are not on a protected shared filesystem.


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