Creating a Backup using lkbackup

To create a backup run the following command:

/opt/LifeKeeper/bin/lkbackup –c

The backup will be created in a file called:


Automatic lkbackup

To change the time of the automatic lkbackup:

  1. Go to /etc/crontab

The entry looks like this:

0 3 * * * root /opt/LifeKeeper/bin/backupadm -c (3 represents the hour the backup will run)

  1. Change the hour to the desired time

Restoring a Backup

To restore a backup run the following commands:

  1. /opt/LifeKeeper/bin/lkcli stop
  1. /opt/LifeKeeper/bin/lkbackup –x –f <file-name>
  1. /opt/LifeKeeper/bin/lkcli start

The use of lkbackup with DataKeeper resources requires a full resync.


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