The Switchover Mirror function enables you to switch over all the mirrors in a job or just one of the mirrors in a job. A “mirror” includes all variants for mirrors such as standard single-target replication and complex geometries such as multi-target replication and shared node sources and targets. These complex mirror configurations and geometries actually implement a related collection of individual mirrors working as a single unit.

Note: Before switching over a mirror to the current target system, the mirror must be in the Mirroring state. Please see the Requirements for Switchover table below to understand switchover requirements in multiple target and shared source/target configurations. Please use the DataKeeper GUI to view the state of the mirror; the WSFC GUI will not provide that level of detail and will state that the resources are on-line (Green) even when the mirrors are not in the mirroring state.

  1. Select the job in the left column tree pane.
  1. Right-click on the selection and select Switchover Mirrors.
  1. A dialog displays allowing you to designate which node/host(s) in the selected job or mirror should become the new mirror source.

In the case of complex mirrors, it is valid to choose either a shared peer of the current mirror source or any one of the active targets that are currently in the mirroring state. Choosing a shared peer of an active target or one that is not currently mirroring will result in an error and leave the current mirror status and configuration unchanged.

  1. An hour glass will appear over the mirror icon in the left tree panel.
  1. You can confirm the switchover is complete by checking the mirror status in the Summary panel.

Note: If the Switchover option is grayed out (not available), this could mean the volume is under clustering protection (Microsoft clustering or SIOS Protection Suite clustering).

Requirements for Switchover

Configuration  Type Example Configuration Switchover Action Requirements for Switchover
Single Target A → B Switchover to B Allowed if mirror is in MIRRORING STATE
Multiple Target

A → B (mirroring)

A → C (paused)

Switchover to B Allowed because A→B mirror is in MIRRORING state
Switchover to C Not allowed
Shared Source/Target

*S1,S2,S3 → *T1,T2

(S1 is current source)

(T1 is current target)

Switchover to shared source (S2 or S3) Always allowed
Switchover to current target (T1) Only allowed if mirror in MIRRORING state
Switchover to shared target (T2) Not allowed — Switchover will fail


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