1. In Azure Home > Virtual machines, click Add and create a virtual machine for the client with the settings shown in the following table.

The virtual machine is created using the same method as for cluster nodes, so a screenshot is omitted here. Note that the red part differs from the cluster node.

Project Details
Subscription Your subscription ID This is the subscription ID issued when subscribing to Azure services.
Resource group sios20rg
Instance Details
Virtual machine name sios20lkclient
Region (Asia Pacific) Southeast Asia
Availability options No Infrastructure redundancy required (default)
Image Windows 10 Pro, Version 20H2
Azure spot instance No (default)
Size Standard A2m_v2
Administrator Account
Username lkadmin
Inbound Port Rules
Public inbound ports Allow selected ports
Select inbound ports RDP (3389)
  1. Click Next: Disks. We will not add any disks here.
  1. Click Next: Networking and enter the following.
Virtual network sios20vnet
Subnet sios20sub1( *Note 1
Public IP Name:sios20lkclient-ip
Created using the (create new) functionality *Note 2

You must select “OK” here.

NIC network security group Basic
Public inbound ports Allow selected ports
Selected inbound ports RDP (3389)
Accelerated networking Off (default)
Load balancing Off (default)

*Note 1: Configure the first subnet created in the previous step for the virtual machine.

*Note 2: In this procedure, the Public IP is set in order to allow access via the Internet.

  1. Click Review + create, review the details, and then click Create.

Create and deploy the virtual machines. Wait until the message "Your deployment is complete." is displayed.

  1. To change the network configurations, stop the virtual machine created here. From Azure Home > Virtual machines, select the virtual machine you just created and click Stop.
  1. Change the first network interface to a static IP address. Select Azure Home > Virtual machines > Virtual machine name > Networking and click the first interface name.
  1. Click IP configurations > ipconfig1 in the left pane to change the IP address assignment mode and IP address.
Public IP Address Enabled
Assignment Static
IP address
  1. Click Save to save the settings.


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