The table below lists and explains names and meanings of the Recovery Kit for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (RK for OCI) parameters. These values are tuned by editing the /etc/default/LifeKeeper configuration file.

The parameters of RK for OCI will take effect immediately when the value in /etc/default/LifeKeeper is changed, without restarting LifeKeeper.

Parameter Name Meaning Setting Value Default Value
OCIVIP_RESTORE_TIMEOUT Specifies the restore timeout value of the resource in seconds. Integers 60
OCIVIP_REMOVE_TIMEOUT Specifies the timeout value in seconds to stop the resource. Integers 60
OCIVIP_RECOVER_TIMEOUT Specifies the timeout value for local recovery in seconds. Integers 60
OCIVIP_QUICKCHECK_TIMEOUT Specifies the quickCheck timeout value in seconds. Integers 60
OCI_CLI_PROFILE Specifies the profile name used by the OCI CLI.

See the OCI documentation for details.
String None


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