SIOS LifeKeeper for Linux provides high availability clustering for up to 32 nodes with many supported storage configurations, including shared storage (Fiber Channel SAN, iSCSI), network attached storage (NAS), host-based replication, integration with array-based SAN replication including HP Continuous Access and VMware virtual hard disk (VMDK).

Protected Resources

LifeKeeper Core

Configuration Concepts

Common Hardware Components

System Grouping Arrangements

Active – Active Grouping

Active – Standby Grouping

Intelligent vs Automatic Switchback

Logging With syslog

Resource Hierarchies

Resource Types

Resource States

Hierarchy Relationships

Shared Equivalencies

Resource Hierarchy Information

Resource Hierarchy Example

Detailed Status Display

Short Status Display

Fault Detection Recovery Scenarios

IP Local Recovery

Resource Error Recovery Scenario

Server Failure Recovery Scenario


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