Follow the instructions in your SAP MaxDB User Manual to create your database. In addition, please note the following recommendations:

  • There must be a DBM operator with authority for starting, stopping, obtaining status and obtaining database parameters via client utilities.
  • The database instance data device spaces (data devspaces), log device spaces (log devspaces) and system device spaces (sys devspaces) must reside on a shared disk (either shared file system, or shared raw device).
  • The SAP MaxDB database name should contain alphanumeric characters only.
  • A User_Key is required for use by the SAP MaxDB Recovery Kit during operation with the DBMCLI utility. See Create the User_Key for required parameters.
  • After creating your database, you should disable automatic startup of the SAP MaxDB database instance. Once under LifeKeeper protection, LifeKeeper will handle the start and stop of the database.
  • The sdb file must exist on all servers in /etc/opt. If this file does not exist, several SAP MaxDB utilities may return erroneous results. This will also affect the behavior of LifeKeeper during resource create and extension. In an Active/Standby configuration, you must manually copy this file to the backup server.
  • Verify the databases.ini file exists on all servers in the IndepDataPath/config directory.
  • Copy each database entry in the databases.ini file that will be configured with LifeKeeper to the backup server.


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