After you have completed the necessary setup tasks, use the following steps to define the Postfix resource hierarchy.

IMPORTANT: The alias IP address should be under LifeKeeper protection before creating the Postfix resource instance.

  1. From the LifeKeeper GUI menu, select Edit, then Server. From the menu, select Create Resource Hierarchy.

The Create Resource Wizard dialog box will appear with a drop down list box displaying all recognized Recovery Kits installed within the cluster.

  1. Select Postfix Mail Server and click Next.
  1. You will be prompted to enter the following information. When the Back button is active in any of the dialog boxes, you can go back to the previous dialog box. This is helpful should you encounter an error requiring you to correct previously entered information. You may click Cancel at any time to cancel the entire creation process.
Switchback Type

Choose either intelligent or automatic. This dictates how the Postfix instance will be switched back to this server when the server comes back up after a failover. The switchback type can be changed later from the General tab of the Resource Properties dialog box.

Note: The switchback strategy should match that of the IP or File System resource to be used by the Postfix resource. If they do not match the Postfix resource, creation will attempt to reset them to match the setting selected for the Postfix resource.

Server Select the Server on which you want to create the hierarchy.
Postfix Binary Location Enter the directory path name where the Postfix daemon resides.
Postfix server Config File Location Enter the directory path name where the Postfix configuration file ( resides.
Queue Root Directory Enter the directory path name of the Postfix queue directory. The default is decided from the configuration file, which you selected in the previous dialog box. The Postfix queue directory must be on a shared disk. If the Postfix queue directory is a symbolic link, the dialog box will show the root directory of the symbolic link pointing to the directory’s original location.
Root Tag Either select the default root tag offered by LifeKeeper, or enter a unique name for the resource instance on this server. The default is postfix-on- <queue directory path>. You may use letters, numbers and the following special characters: – _ . /
  1. Click Create. The Create Resource Wizard will then create your Postfix resource hierarchy. LifeKeeper will validate the data entered. If LifeKeeper detects a problem, an error message will appear in the information box.
  1. An information box will appear indicating that you have successfully created a Postfix resource hierarchy, and you must extend that hierarchy to another server in your cluster in order to achieve failover protection. Click Next.
  1. Click Continue. LifeKeeper will then launch the Pre-Extend Wizard. Refer to Step 2 under Extending Your Hierarchy (below) for details on how to extend your resource hierarchy to another server.


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