How to transition existing MBR volumes to GPT

The steps to take in achieving this are as follows for a 1×1 configuration. The volumes in the example will be E and F:

  • In Server A, create 2 new mirrors. One from volume E to one of the new volumes (e.g. volume X), and another from volume F to the other new volume (e.g. volume Y).
  • See Disk-to-Disk replication

Once both mirrors have fully synced, proceed to delete the mirrors as volumes that are used for Disk-to-Disk replication can’t also be configured to replicate to another system.

To delete the mirrors:

  1. Select the job that contains the mirror you want to delete
  2. Right-click on the mirror and choose “Delete Mirror” or select “Delete Mirror” from the Actions task pane
  3. Select Yes to delete the mirror
  4. The mirror will be deleted and removed from the associated job
  • Once the mirrors have been deleted, create another 2 new mirrors, this time from Server A to Server B
  • Ensure that the new volumes on B share the same letters as those on A (e.g. volume X and Y), as well as other considerations from the documentation:

See Creating a Mirror
OR, transition existing mirrors using MBR volumes to GPT volumes in a 1×1×1 configuration:

  • In DataKeeper for Volume E “Pause and Unlock All Mirrors”
  • On the Targets, Server B and Server C, in Disk Management, Delete Volume . . .
  • On the Targets, Server B and Server C, in Disk Management, create the partitions as GPT
  • Once the sizes has been verified, select “Continue and Lock All Mirrors”
  • The mirror will enter into a Resyncing state in the DataKeeper UI

Once the mirrors have completed their FULL resync on Server B & Server C, in Failover Clustering perform a move of your Role/Resource.
Now Server B or Server C becomes a Source and you can use the aforementioned steps to change Volume E on Server A from MBR to GPT.

Does DataKeeper Support GPT (GUID Partition Table) Partitions?

Yes, DataKeeper supports GPT (GUID Partition Table) partitions.
Mirroring can be accomplished via the following partitioning schemes:

  • MBR to GPT
  • GPT to GPT



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