The following is a list of the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

PL-3244 DataKeeper will resume a mirror that has been paused but where the /dev/md# device is no longer mounted.
PL-4346 The DataKeeper script that recovers mirrors when standby servers start up will only log messages once. This will avoid confusing messages that impliy multiple recovery attempts when only one attempt was made.
PL-6163 DataKeeper will not give as an option during create or extend an LVM device that is already protected.
PL-6591 The DataKeeper lkcli command will now allow configuring a mirror to support asynchronous replication and extend the mirror to replicate synchronously to a target. A mirror can also be configured to replicate synchronously or asynchronously appropriately regardless of which node in the cluster the mirror was initially configured on.
PL-11529 Fixed a problem that prevented snapshots from being taken even when all VMDK resources are OSU.
PL-11833 A message from lkcheck that was confusing has been reworded to make it more clear.
PL-16530 Removed the invalid parameters “group” and “type” from the usage message in mirror_settings.
PL-17283 The NAS recovery kit will properly handle having a NAS device mounted more than once on a system and will process only the protected mount point.
PL-17324 Fixed a problem in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Recovery Kit where local recovery and failover were not performed if the Instance Meta Data Service was not accessible.
PL-17789 Fixed a problem where it took an extra 5 seconds to restore/remove IP resources in non-AWS environments.
PL-18276 The NAS recovery kit will not hang when the exported file system is no longer available.
PL-18411 The NAS quickCheck will properly check mounts via hostname or IP address.
PL-20058 DataKeeper SNMP traps (142 and 143) were not reflected in LifeKeeper-MIB.txt. Updated LifeKeeper-MIB.txt and corrected additional trap information.
PL-20136 The lkpolicy utility can now successfully set the TemporalRecovery policy.
PL-20155 The monitoring.cgi script no longer returns 500 Internal Server Error when a DataKeeper resource is in-service and replicating.
PL-20267 The PID file for the quickCheck daemon for VMDK resources was located in the /tmp directory. Since /tmp could be cleaned periodically by the system, the loss of the PID file could cause system halts. Therefore, the PID file was moved to another directory.
PL-20543 DataKeeper will properly configure a path to replicate sychronously when the mirror is configured to support asynchronous replication.
PL-20744 The curl used by LifeKeeper is no longer bundled with LifeKeeper and the OS bundled curl will be used from now on.
Also, libcurl has been upgraded from version 8.1.2 to 8.5.0.
PL-21036 When the LifeKeeper GUI gets a lock acquisition timeout it will abort the operation.
PL-21400 The fields in the DataKeeper configuration are updated to allow each path to properly replicate asynchronously or synchronously.
PL-21525 When each recovery kit is uninstalled, all information about the kit is now removed immediately. This will allow the LifeKeeper GUI to give an accurate list of available kits without requiring a full restart of LifeKeeper.

Hotfixes and Add-on Support Packages



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