The steps given below describe how to use SSH port forwarding through a bastion host located in a public subnet to allow client access to the GUI server running on a host located in a private subnet in a cloud environment.


  1. LifeKeeper has been installed on a set of cluster nodes located in a private network in a cloud environment (i.e., the nodes do not have public IP addresses and are not accessible directly from the internet).
  1. A bastion host server exists in a public subnet and can access the private subnet(s) containing the LifeKeeper cluster nodes.
  1. The client PC can establish an SSH connection to the bastion host. Optionally, this connection may be established by using a private SSH key which is stored on the client PC.
  1. The bastion host can establish SSH connections to all LifeKeeper cluster nodes in the private subnet(s).


  1. To enable SSH port forwarding, run the following command from the client PC terminal:

ssh [-i <SSH Private Key Path>] -L 8085:<GUI Server Host IP Address or Hostname>:5110 -o ServerAliveInterval=60 <Bastion Host SSH Username>@<Bastion Host IP Address or Hostname>

This command forwards traffic on TCP port 8085 of the client PC to TCP port 5110 on the LifeKeeper node running the GUI server.

  1. Connect to the GUI by entering the following address in the address bar of a web browser on the client PC:



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