Error when lksupport command is executed:

The following error can be output when lksupport command is executed in the case MQ queue manager protected by MQ RK is set on the disk shared by NFS.

cat: <PATH>/mqm/qmgrs/tkqmgr/qm.ini: Operation not permitted

This happens because the root access to NFS area is prohibited. This error output doesn’t cause any problem.

Quickcheck fails if queue has long messages if a message is in the test queue of size > 101 characters the put/get fails and the queue fills up

Install fails if the only installed MQ is a relocated install (non-standard and not likely)

Package install fails if the MQ package does not have the default name

Compile samples fails if the software is not installed under /opt/mqm

If two listeners are defined for a single instance and one is set to manual and the other is automatic failures can occur in create and quickCheck


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