/etc/hosts settings dependency

/etc/hosts settings:

When using internet-based licensing (IPv4 address), the configuration of /etc/hosts can negatively impact license validation. If LifeKeeper startup fails with:

Error in obtaining LifeKeeper license key:
Invalid host.
The hostid of this system does not match the hostid specified in the license file.

and the listed internet hostid is correct, then the configuration of /etc/hosts may be the cause. To correctly match /etc/hosts entries, IPv4 entries must be listed before any IPv6 entries. To verify if the /etc/hosts configuration is the cause, run the following command:

/opt/LifeKeeper/bin/lmutil lmhostid -internet -n

If the IPv4 address listed does not match the IPv4 address in the installed license file, then /etc/hosts must be modified to place IPv4 entries before IPv6 entries to return the correct address.


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