The following is a list of the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

PL-6230 The avoidance gen/app errors when one cluster node is down. This resource is used in the SAP ASCS/ERS configuration to keep the ASCS and ERS hierarchies on different systems. The uninitialized variable was initialized properly.
PL-8605 Upgrade perl from 5.8.8 to 5.32.1
PL-8647 When a datarep resource is paused and then resumed, it modifies the raid-check configuration and removes the related dev from the SKIP_DEVS list
PL-11882 Setup failed for SPS-L 9.6.0 upgrade where the RPM database was corrupt. Additional information will be captured by lksupport to help diagnose the cause of the corrupted database
PL-16272 Prevent Deadlock due to excessive action flags/locks on cluster nodes
PL-16529 Upgrade Open source packages powershell and PowerCLI
PL-16653 Split brain occurs or failover fails if it takes more than 1800 seconds to restore a resource
PL-16810 Fixed an issue where the OS is recognized as RHEL when setup is run on Rocky Linux
PL-16834 LifeKeeper is utilizing an old way of providing log messages instead of using the new APIs for sap resources
PL-16850 GUI will allow resource creation and extension when Storage Quorum is misconfigured or not working
PL-16874 Updated the included OpenSSL package to 3.1.1
PL-18645 Fixed an issue where lcdremexec returns the wrong exit code when it times out

Hotfixes and Add-on Support Packages

The patch is located here.

Hotfix/Add-on Support Package
Bug Description
Patch Description
  1. PL-20625 – This patch enables the use of AWS IMDSv2.
This patch enables the use of AWS IMDSv2. If you don’t use AWS, it is not necessary to apply this patch. LifeKeeper must be stopped when installing and removing this patch.
  1. PL-20136 – lkpolicy can not set Temporal Recovery policy.
  2. PL-20155 – Monitoring.cgi return “500 Internal Server Error” and html does not display communication path status.
The patch resolves a problem when the lighttpd package was updated the entries in the LifeKeeper default file was not properly being included causing lkpolicy to fail. The Monitoring.cgi change resolves a problem where it was to trying to call a subroutine that no longer exists and was using a deprecated Perl syntax.


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