Known Issues

An IP with a 32-bit subnet mask may be assigned when restoring a resource.

Cause: This is caused by the VNIC scan and update process performed by ocid.service during the RK for OCI and IP resource restore process.

Solution: Disable ocid.service.
When creating a Recovery Kit for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (RK for OCI) resource, if the startup process of the corresponding IP resource fails, the dependency will not be created.

Solution: After configuring the IP resource to start successfully, manually create a dependency between the RK for OCI resource and the IP resource. Specify the IP resource as the parent resource and the RK for OCI resource as the child.
When executing lkcli import, the following message appears regarding the IP resource <ip-res> corresponding to the RK for OCI resource.
Resource '<ip-res>' already exists. skipping <ip-res>.
Cause: This happens because the corresponding IP resource is created together with the RK for OCI resource. The RK for OCI resource is created prior to the IP resource.

Solution: If all the resources listed in the configuration file (in YAML format) have been created without excess or deficiency, there is no problem. Otherwise, configure the remaining resources manually. Alternatively, perform the import again excluding the RK for OCI resource and manually create the RK for OCI resource only.
When installing LifeKeeper on a BM instance, ”Recovery Kit for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure” does not appear in the Recovery Kit selection in the setup menu; the Recovery Kit cannot be selected for installation.

Solution: Specify the following options when executing setup.
--env oci

Alternatively, create a configuration information file with the create_response_file script and perform a non-interactive installation.


Due to a bug preventing the assignment of arbitrary IPv6 addresses in the OCI CLI used by the RK for OCI, IPv6 addresses are not available. See bug here:


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