Prepare the LifeKeeper Chef cookbooks listed below. This is done on the Chef Workstation.

  • LifeKeeper installation -Cookbook name: lkinstall
  • LifeKeeper communication path creation -Cookbook name:commpath
  • LifeKeeper resource hierarchy creation -Cookbook name: resources)

Create the LifeKeeper cookbooks lkinstall, commpath, and resources using the Chef knife command.

See the Chef documentation for more information on using the knife command.

Copy the LifeKeeper packages, License key files, and Chef recipe/attribute files to the LifeKeeper cookbooks created using the knife command.
The required files are listed below. Copy all files to the specified directories.

LifeKeeper License Key and rpm files for installation of LifeKeeper

Copy <Source File> to <cookbook path>/lkinstall/files/default

Note: These files are included in the CD image for LifeKeeper (sps.img). The paths listed assume the installation image is mounted on /mnt.

Source File
Source File
Each OS specific
RedHat Enterprise Linux
/mnt/RHAS/HADR-RHAS-2.6.32-all.x86_64*.rpm 6.x only
/mnt/RHAS/HADR-RHAS-3.10.0-all.x86_64*.rpm 7.x only
/mnt/CentOS/HADR-CentOS-2.6.32-all.x86_64*.rpm 6.x only
/mnt/CentOS/HADR-CentOS-3.10.0-all.x86_64*.rpm 7.x only
Oracle Linux
/mnt/OEL/HADR-OEL-2.6.32-all.x86_64*.rpm 6.x only (Except UEK)
/mnt/OEL/HADR-OEL-3.10.0-all.x86_64*.rpm 7.x only (Except UEK)

Recovery Kits

Copy only the Recovery Kits that will be installed. These rpm are also found on the LifeKeeper installation media. The source path assume the media has been mounted on /mnt.

Source File
/mnt/kits/steeleye-lkAPA-*.noarch.rpm Apache ARK
/mnt/kits/steeleye-lkDR-*.noarch.rpm DataKeeper
/mnt/HADR-generic-*.rpm DataKeeper
/mnt/kits/steeleye-lkPGSQL-*.noarch.rpm PostgreSQL ARK
/mnt/kits/steeleye-lkSQL-*.noarch.rpm MySQL ARK

Chef Support File

The source and destination locations for each file are different. Use the table below to obtain the source and destination location.

Source File
Copy destination
/mnt/Chef/recipe/lkinstall.rb <cookbook path>/lkinstall/recipes/default.rb
/mnt/Chef/recipe/commpath.rb <cookbook path>/commpath/recipes/default.rb
/mnt/Chef/recipe/resources.rb <cookbook path>/resource/recipes/default.rb
/mnt/Chef/attribute/lkinstall.rb <cookbook path>/lkinstall/attributes/default.rb

Chef attribute files generated by running

Generated File
Copy to
comm path attribute <cookbook path>/commpath/attributes/default.rb
resource attribute <cookbook path>/resources/attributes/default.rb


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