When replacing the target volume, you must delete the mirror in order to ensure a full resync of the data from the source volume to the target volume when the target volume is back in place. Deleting the mirror discontinues replication altogether removing the mirror from the job so that when your mirror is recreated with the new target, a full resync will be performed.

Using the DELETEMIRROR Command:

  1. Open an elevated command prompt.
  1. Change Directory:
    • cd extmirrbase
  1. Execute the DELETEMIRROR command:
    • EMCMD <system> DELETEMIRROR <volume letter> [<target system>]
  1. Once new target is in place, recreate the mirror.

Note: If an entire Server/Target is being replaced, please ensure the following registry key from the Source node is exported and merged to the new Target.


This will ensure that the configurations for the mirrors are identical on the Source/Target(s) and are available for switchover in Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC).

- Error Messages –

Status = 87 after executing “emcmd . updatevolumeinfo <drive letter>”

LifeKeeper is using a mirrored drive created via DataKeeper. Mirror is corrupted after the drive was lost. Mirror needs to be recreated.

The following tasks were attempted to correct the error on the offending node:

  • emcmd . deletelocalmirroronly <drive letter>;
  • emcmd . clearswitchover <drive letter>;
  • emcmd . updatevolumeinfo <drive letter>;

After the last command (updatevolumeinfo) you receive the “status=87” error message.

A Status = 87 is due to:

  • The Volume is locked
  • The partition/Volume is no longer present (i.e. RAW or Unknown state)


Remove the mirror/volume dependency in LifeKeeper first.
As opposed to running the aforementioned commands, executing a “cleanupmirror“ will perform the same steps but bodes a much better result.

Then, using the DataKeeper command line execute these commands on the Source of the mirror first otherwise the Target mirror will continue to get created and/or locked:

  • Launch an elevated Administrator command prompt
  • cd %extmirrbase%\support (short to the Support directory)
  • run “cleanupmirror <drive letter>”

Verify the mirror has been removed by executing the following:

  • return to the \DataKeeper directory
  • execute a emcmd . getmirrorvolinfo <drive letter>;

The status should reveal 0 <drive letter>; 0, which would indicate the mirror is no longer present.

Then, repeat these steps again on the Target node(s) .

Verify the mirror has been removed from the Target node(s) by executing, again :

  • emcmd . getmirrorvolinfo <drive letter>;

The status should reveal 0 <drive letter>; 0, which would indicate the mirror is no longer present.

Result: You should now to able to recreate your mirror using the emcmd . createmirror command, thus returning to your LifeKeeper GUI and adding the Volume Resource/Mirror back into your cluster.


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