The web client does not display the Cluster Connect dialog.


If the web client does not display the Cluster Connect dialog, try the following:

  1. Check whether the applet failed. Usually a message is printed somewhere in the browser window specifying the state of the applet. In Internet Explorer, an icon may appear instead of the applet in addition to some text status. Clicking this icon may bring up a description of the failure.
  1. Open the Java Console.
  • For FireFox and older versions of Internet Explorer, run the Java Plug-In applet from your machine’s Control Panel and select the option to show the console. Restart your browser.
  • For recent versions of Internet Explorer, select Tools > Sun Java Console. If you do not see the Sun Java Console menu item, select Tools > Manage Add-Ons and enable the console, after which you may need to restart your browser before the console will appear.
  • For Mozilla, select Tools > Web Development > Sun Java Console.

If the web client is not open, reopen the URL, http://<server name>:81, to start it.

Check the console for any messages. The messages should help you resolve the problem. If the problem appears to be network related, refer to the Network-Related Troubleshooting section.



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