For each primary IIS site, you must create an identical backup IIS site on the other server. These two servers must be connected by a LifeKeeper heartbeat. In order for the primary and backup sites to be identical, the following criteria must be met:

  • The site names entered in the Description field of the Properties form must be identical, including using the same case.
  • The switchable IP addresses, port and header assigned to the sites in the Properties form must be identical.
  • If using a shared or replicated volume for your web or FTP content, the drive letter and folder of the volume you assign in the Home Directory Path must be identical.
  • If you configure multiple backup sites for a particular Web site, you must configure the other Web sites with the same identities; that is, the primary and backup Web sites must contain the same IP addresses, ports and headers.
  • If you configure one Web site as a secure Web site, then you must configure the other Web site as a secure Web site. Additional limitations apply to secure Web sites. See Configuring Secure Servers for details.



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