Failover Cluster Error After Changing Virtual Machine Configuration While VM Is Clustered


If Failover Cluster Manager is used to modify the VM configuration while the VM is clustered such as adding a Network Interface to the VM, “Refresh Virtual Machine Storage Configuration” errors may be generated and the VM will fail Quick Migration and/or Live Migration to another cluster node.

This problem occurs only when the following criteria are met:

  1. The VM is in the cluster
  1. Failover Cluster Manager is used to change the VM network configuration
  1. Storage other than Cluster Shared Disk is used for VM storage, such as DataKeeper Volume replicated storage

All three criteria must be met for this error to occur. This error does not occur if Hyper-V Manager is used to change VM network configurations when the VM is out of the cluster.

Here is what to look for:

Suggested Action

Microsoft KB2741477 is now available that will allow NICs to be added to a Virtual Machine after the VM has been placed into a Failover Cluster. This hotfix will work with DataKeeper v7.4.3, v7.5 and v7.6. The associated KB article can be found at the following link:

Be sure to expand the hotfix selection choices (“Show hotfixes for all platforms and languages”) so that the hotfix for x64 platforms is displayed.

To make Virtual Machine network adapter changes without installing the Microsoft Hotfix, perform the following:

  1. Take the VM out of the cluster
  1. Verify that Virtual Network Names for NIC connections are identical on all cluster nodes
  1. Use Hyper-V Manager to make virtual machine network configuration changes
  1. Return the VM to the cluster and bring the DataKeeper Volume resource into the VM resource hierarchy
  1. Re-create the Virtual Machine Configuration resource to DataKeeper Volume resource dependency (shown in yellow below)



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